3 reasons to choose a guitalele or ukulele as your travel instrument of choice

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Imagine you are on holidays in Barcelona. Imagine a beautiful forest, the flowery smell, the warm sun on your face and the sweet sound of the birds among the trees. The soft green grass under your toes as you walk barefoot towards the mountains. Suddenly you realize something is missing. What could possibly make this moment even more magical? Yes! Music! What if you had an ukelele or guitalele right next to you?

Most guitar players that come to Barcelona are worried about their precious guitar getting damaged on the plane. Imagine turbulence as you descend over the Pyrenees bumps and scratches your favorite guitar! And you didn’t insure it! A nightmare for musicians! This is why finding other options than traveling with your guitar can be a smart idea.

Here are some benefits of choosing an ukelele or guitalele as your travel instrument of choice:

1# Size and weight: The ukulele and guitalele are small enough for taking inside the airplane and are easy to transport, making them the perfect instruments for travel. Extremely lightweight and easy to transport, they fit perfectly in the overhead luggage compartment in an airplane. Small and easy to carry, but offering a similar sound to the original guitar.

2# To socialize: Because of their small size and weight, both instruments become a great way to make friends and meet people. The great thing about them is you can take them everywhere! You can easily play the ukulele or guitalele on barceloneta beach, perform on Barcelona streets or jam in the most popular pubs and bars around town. The joyful sound of both instruments easily attracts peoples attention and you will often find yourself surrounded by smiley faces. People love singing along to todays favourites played on a cheerful little instrument.

3# Price: You can get any of this two instruments at a very reasonable price and not worry if they get damaged. While traveling its easy for our instrument to get damaged by the sun, bumps or too much use. So better not take your expensive guitar on the road! You can easily rent or buy an ukelele or guitalele and not worry so much if something happens to your little buddy.

So why not give it a try! You can rent one for a month or two and see how it goes or buy one at a reasonable price.

If you are coming to Barcelona and want to rent or buy an ukelele, please contact ishine music rental .com for more details.

If you are coming to Barcelona and want to rent or buy a guitalele, please contact shine music rental .com for more details.

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Learning music in Barcelona

Posted on February 10th, 2017 by shineuser


Looking for an educational holiday in Spain? Maybe study while you travel or learn music in Barcelona? Yes, you have found the right spot. If music is your thing, you can hardly find a better place to indulge your passion than Barcelona. From small winding streets painted with music to the best concerts of the year. Also offering music courses with some of the most qualified teachers in Spain. Wether you are a foreigner looking to do a study holiday in Barcelona or an expat living in Barcelona, you will find all kind of music courses in english at Shine School of Music. At the end of the course you will discover that learning to play an instrument can be real fun.

Shine School of Music offers a large range of intensive and extensive courses in both english and spanish. Guitar, saxophone, singing, drums, bass guitar, piano and more. The most popular instruments for expats are usually guitar and Flamenco guitar lessons in English. You don’t need to bring anything to class, only your musical soul.

Classical guitar lessons are usually taught by Milos Sajin and Gian Carlo Scevola.

Milos Sajin: taught for many years by his father, Strahinja Sajin, Milos went on to study blues and jazz with Tony Russel (South Africa) and flamenco with Rafael Canizares (Cataluna, Spain). He completed his formal Music History Studies at the University of Witwatersrand (Johannesburg) and obtained his Guitar Teaching Qualification with the Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music (London).

Gian Carlo Scevola: born in Chile (1982) Gian Carlo graduated from the Catholic University of Valparaiso, where he studied classical guitar with Daniel Diaz and obtained the Diploma for the best graduate in his class. In 2007 he moved to Barcelona and in 2009 obtained a Master in “Musicology and Music Education” at UAB. Subsequently, in 2011 he performed his Graduate Piece by guitarist Guillem Pérez-Quer in classical guitar at the Conservatory of the Liceu in Barcelona. He has attended courses of musical interpretation with Hopkinson Smith, Marco Socías, Armando Marrosu, among others. He has also received electric guitar lessons with Orestes and Ismael Eduardo Cortez.

Flamenco guitar lessons are usually taught by Cesar Munera: born in Colombia in 1982, where he received his first guitar in 1987 at age five, learning folk music and blues. In in 1999 he went to University of Antioquia to learn classical music. In 2008 Cesar played the Concierto de Aranjuezwith the Eafit Orchestra, and won a scholarship to study Flamenco guitar in Barcelona-Spain in the Conservatori del Liceu.
Now he lives in Barcelona, regularly playing concerts and teaching flamenco, classical and blues guitar.

If you don’t have the instrument at home you can also rent one at The Music Room, Shine’s co-woring space or book one online at Shine Music Instrument Rental.

Find more information about prices teachers and schedules at Shine School of Music.

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5 benefits of using a soundproof room to work

Posted on February 1st, 2017 by shineuser


Why can a soundproof room in Barcelona be helpful? Different people come round The Music Room looking for a place to work, record, practice, have a private meeting or even teach. Things around the globe have been changing really quickly and most people find it difficult to find a spot to focus, especially co-workers who don’t have their own private office.

So, why can a silent or soundproofed room be useful?

  1. Work and concentration. Lot’s of people have created their own online business and many others have become freelancers. Where do these people work? At home? Difficult, too much noise and distraction. It can also become quite lonely to work at home. This is why co-working spaces are becoming very popular around the world. So if you have become a co-worker, that’s great! Now, what happens when you need your own space to really concentrate? This is when a soundproof room can be the best option. No distractions, no music, just you and your ideas! A perfect place to really, really concentrate.
  2. Recording. Most musicians and artists find it really difficult to record at home. Also people who work in different areas but need a quiet space to record audio tracks for their business. So a silent room can also be the best place for recording.
  3. To practice. Yoga, meditation, music, tai-chi, any hobby you have chosen that gives you real pleasure. A silent spot to practice guitar, piano, your painting skills, writing, can be a wonderful idea.
  4. Private meeting. You have a private meeting or skype online meeting but don’t know where to do it. A soundproof room can also be really helpful if you find yourself in this situation.
  5. To teach. You are a teacher and have student’s but can’t find a place for your one to one lessons. Could be music, languages, script writing, etc. Also a cozy place to teach at an affordable price.

If you find yourself in any of these situations our soundproof room at The Music Room could be an excellent idea.

If you are already a flat rate member (40E month) you are invited to use the soundproof room for 1E an hour.

If you are not a member yet but want to book the room for one hour, it’a also available for 8E an hour.

Both options include unlimited hand made coffee and organic tea!

More information at http://themusicroombcn.com/

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