3 scientific facts about music

Posted on April 5th, 2017 by shineuser

Music is one of the most complex and engaging human expressions. Ever since the first humans started experimenting with rhythmic patterns, the art of mixing sound and silence has managed to cross cultural and language barriers, and has become an essential part of the human experience.

Although music tends to feel as an emotional and even magical creation, there are very real and measurable scientific reasons behind a lot of its effects on humans.

1. Dopamine release

Those chills you feel when you are listening to a song that just “makes your heart explode”… well, scientists have made studies proving that a dopamine release in the brain is behind this feeling. Incidentally, dopamine is also released during sex and when eating chocolate…so, next time you’re feeling moved by a love song, remember to thank your brain chemicals for the ride.

2. Music can change your heartbeat

No, we are not talking about your heart skipping a beat when the radio plays that song you used to dance with your first love. Studies have shown that the human heart beat tends to accelerate involuntarily when listening to fast paced music (trance/techno) and tends to slow down when listening to minimal house music for example.

3. Music can be addictive (addictive as in drugs)

Can’t wait to charge your phone so you can listen to your new favorite track over and over again, itching to hear your favorite band play live? Well, turns out the dopamine release in the brain related to our musical experiences means that besides the emotional cues we get from the experience, our bodies also become accustomed to the chemical rush elicited by sounds. So, next time your guitarist claims to be addicted to his new riff, you might have to take his word for it. It’s not him, it’s the dopamine in his brain.

As it turns out, science and music are not as unrelated as you might think. In fact, regardless of the genre, music can affect our bodies as much as it affects our minds and soul.

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5 benefits of using a soundproof room to work

Posted on February 1st, 2017 by shineuser


Why can a soundproof room in Barcelona be helpful? Different people come round The Music Room looking for a place to work, record, practice, have a private meeting or even teach. Things around the globe have been changing really quickly and most people find it difficult to find a spot to focus, especially co-workers who don’t have their own private office.

So, why can a silent or soundproofed room be useful?

  1. Work and concentration. Lot’s of people have created their own online business and many others have become freelancers. Where do these people work? At home? Difficult, too much noise and distraction. It can also become quite lonely to work at home. This is why co-working spaces are becoming very popular around the world. So if you have become a co-worker, that’s great! Now, what happens when you need your own space to really concentrate? This is when a soundproof room can be the best option. No distractions, no music, just you and your ideas! A perfect place to really, really concentrate.
  2. Recording. Most musicians and artists find it really difficult to record at home. Also people who work in different areas but need a quiet space to record audio tracks for their business. So a silent room can also be the best place for recording.
  3. To practice. Yoga, meditation, music, tai-chi, any hobby you have chosen that gives you real pleasure. A silent spot to practice guitar, piano, your painting skills, writing, can be a wonderful idea.
  4. Private meeting. You have a private meeting or skype online meeting but don’t know where to do it. A soundproof room can also be really helpful if you find yourself in this situation.
  5. To teach. You are a teacher and have student’s but can’t find a place for your one to one lessons. Could be music, languages, script writing, etc. Also a cozy place to teach at an affordable price.

If you find yourself in any of these situations our soundproof room at The Music Room could be an excellent idea.

If you are already a flat rate member (40E month) you are invited to use the soundproof room for 1E an hour.

If you are not a member yet but want to book the room for one hour, it’a also available for 8E an hour.

Both options include unlimited hand made coffee and organic tea!

More information at http://themusicroombcn.com/

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The Benefits of taking a Music Exam

Posted on March 23rd, 2016 by shineuser

Exams can be a tough pill to swallow. Dreaded memorizing left until the last minute, the stress and anxiety of getting everything correct and the controversy of whether exams are a worthwhile medium for judging the aptitude of a student. On the other hand exams offer many benefits too and at shine music school in Barcelona, we like to focus on why taking a music exam with us can be good for your musical development.
As the exams at shine music school draw near, we’d like to take a look at why we think it’s a good idea for students to sign up and complete the graded exams we offer.
Besides offering a scaleable way for teachers to measure the improvement and knowledge of their students, taking a music exam gives the student goals to achieve. The deadline to accomplish certain tasks and the pressure demanded to succeed in the exam creates, for some, the focus they need to practice and advance with their studies. 
We offer our students two exams that they can participate in: the Exams from the Trinity College of music in London and the Royal School of Music. Our students are able to complete a whole host of exams for their particular instrument and style- from Pop and Rock exams to Classical. 

Completing an exams gives our students confidence and tools and skills for performance in the future. Receiving a certificate of excellence is something that they can take with them as an accomplishment, and one that can be used to further their musical career. At shine many students have completed the highest grades of musical exams and now can teach music in their own right. The exams have pushed them from perhaps only enjoying music as a hobby into acquiring a means to succeed in their lives. 
Exams take diligence and practice. Taking exams nurtures both of these abilities and even students who may not get the best results benefit from the experience of sitting an exam with a stranger or examiner that they have never met. It prepares them for possible instances in their future where they need to be adaptable and perform under pressure or think on their feet. They also learn to keep going, even if they have made a mistake, a quality that will serve them well. 
Exams may be scary, but doing music exams at the school are not compulsory, and this in itself makes them beneficial as the students choose to make their own goals. The consequences are not as dire, and this allows the student some freedom to prove himself or herself on their own. Perhaps this fact alone makes taking exams at the shine school of music in Barcelona a powerful advantage for the student, as improving and accomplishing a new goal by oneself is hugely beneficial to ones self esteem! 
You can find out more about our exams here.

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