Latin Percussion

Interested in learning Latin Percussion?

The School of Music Shine of Barcelona offers Intensive Latin Percussion Courses and Extensive Latin Percussion Courses in English, Spanish and Catalan.

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The Shine Music School located in Barcelona offers Latin Percussion classes with a titled Latin Percussion teacher. The school offers high quality Latin Percussion classes for students of all ages and at all levels.

But what is Latin Percussion? Latin percussion refers to percussion music created in a specific style, with rhythms mainly from the Latin American region, especially Salsa or Bolero, Bachata, etc. The sounds are made using a large family of percussion instruments such as congos, cajones, bongos, etc., with influences from Africa.

Intensive Latin Percussion Courses and Extensive Latin Percussion Courses available for all Latin Percussion styles for example:


At the Shine School of Music, we think that each student is a person with different musical needs and preferences and that is why we consider each student individually in all aspects of teaching.

All Latin Percussion classes are private and are personalized within the curriculum of the chosen style adapted to each individual student, according to their age, their musical level and their chosen music style.

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Latin percussion is a family of percussion instruments including the membranophone, lamellophone and idiophone instruments used in Latin music.

The music explores a wide range of musical styles encompassing the folkoric music from the majority of latin countries. Rhyhmic styles from Salsa, Son Montuno, Bolero, etc. to Samba and Bossa Nova as well as Andean styles to Coastal Peruvian and Afro-Peruvian and in the Caribbean. Each country may have slightly different influences and explorations and a fantastic array of percussion styles have emerged through this mixture of cultures and history.