Lesson Packs

Lesson Packs are available as online classes or in our Barcelona studios

Lesson Packs are ideal for students with a busy lifestyle: a Pack of Guitar Lessons, for example, offers more scheduling flexibility. Most courses at Shine are structured to be completed in approximately 16 hours by a diligent and conscientious student.

Our low-priced Lesson Packs are popular with students who wish to pay for an extended period of study (4 – 8 months) and who enjoy having the flexibility to schedule their lessons with their teacher. We recommend keeping to the schedule to an hour a week as it provides the best rhythm of learning for most music students. A week between classes to practice or do homework is recommended and a 60 minute class is an appropriate class duration to maintain focus.

Attending one 60 minute class per week, a 16 hour Lesson Pack is normally completed in 16 weeks (four months). The Online Lessons Packs are ideal for beginners, who wish to gain a basic understanding of playing an instrument and and and introduction to all the relevant techniques.

Schedules are arranged in accordance with the availability of the student and the teacher and once the completed, the student can renew his lesson pack or choose a another form of taking lessons. Contact us to discuss your course or find out availability in your chosen instrument.

Lesson Packs

  • 8 Hours The Schedule is flexible 236€ 230€ Debit Order
  • 16 Hours The Schedule is flexible 431€ 425€ Debit Order
  • 24 Hours The Schedule is flexible 626€ 620€ Debit Order
  • 32 Hours The Schedule is flexible 801€ 795€ Debit Order

*An enrolment fee of 35 EUR is applicable for all students except students who do a once-off 90 minute class.
*Debit Order your payments and enjoy discounts on your monthly payment, significant discounts on all combos and group classes, as well as hassle free and easy payments!
*Custom courses are available, and prices vary depending on the total number of lessons scheduled. Please consult with the school directly for more accurate course prices.
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At Shine Music School we strive to match our teachers to each individual student, allowing for the most positive music educational environment. We have teachers who are professional musicians in a wide variety of musical genres, with years of experience sharing fundamental musical knowledge with their students.

We have teachers who are specialists in teaching very young students, as well as teachers with Music Therapy knowledge who understand how music can benefit students in all aspects of their lives.