Combo Classes

Shine Music School offers Combos to our students in Barcelona

Learning an instrument is one thing, but an important part of studying and enjoying music is the ability to play with a group. Be it in a band or a jam session, working with other musicians and learning from each other is a valuable experience for any music student. At Shine School of Music we offer our students the chance to play their chosen instruments as part of musical combos.
Our teachers work together to align like minded students, whose instrument playing level is on par. Together the students in the group benefit from each other and learn about different instruments, how they can combine musically and enjoy playing as part of a band!

These musical combos have been headed up by our teacher Gian Carlo Scevola, an accomplished musician with many years of experience playing in bands and combos. Gian Carlos’ band The Kennficks performs regularly in Barcelona, and Gian Carlo has been instrumental in offering his guidance and support to students who wish to create their own bands.

Performing together, especially with a variety of instruments, imparts a valuable learning experience to the student. Not only are the group combos fun, but the music created has added dimension, allowing students to work together on different instruments and learn from each other.

Gian Carlo has worked with our other teachers to provide a dynamic platform in which our students can benefit greatly from a shared experience of music.

Anually we showcase performances by the various combos at Estudio Shine at the school concert. Students sing and play a variety of musical pieces with very successful results. Guitar, piano, saxophone, and clarinet continue to captivate the audience and we hope to continue creating more groups with interested students.


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You are never too old or young to start making music! At Shine School of Music we understand that each student is an individual with different musical needs and preferences.

We offer students in Barcelona and beyond flexible lesson plans with creative content tailored to their level and musical interests. Everything from guitar and piano to violin and drums!