Once off Class

Once off Classes are available online or in Barcelona

Those with a tight schedule who wish to receive one 90 minute intensive music instruction class in the instrument of their choice can contact us to arrange a session in their desired style.

These super-intensive classes center heavily on theoretical components of the chosen style focusing on transmitting as much knowledge as possible to the student within the limited time in order to provide the student with as much material as possible for personal exploration and practice at the student’s leisure.

Classes are available at Shine School of Music in Barcelona and online. Classes are given at one of our studios in Gracia or via Skype or other medium. Lessons also can be arranged at the students home for an extra fee.

Once-off Classs

  • 1.5 Hours A once-off Intensive Class is not subject to registration at the Shine School of Music 75€

*An enrolment fee of 35 EUR is applicable for all students except students who do a once-off 90 minute class.
*Debit Order your payments and enjoy discounts on your monthly payment, significant discounts on all combos and group classes, as well as hassle free and easy payments!
*Custom courses are available, and prices vary depending on the total number of lessons scheduled. Please consult with the school directly for more accurate course prices.
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Music is great for exploring, empowering, and expressing our feelings. It helps us improve our visual and verbal skills, even our quality of sleep. It benefits our immune system and reduces pain. It allows us to know ourselves and transmit emotions. Music releases muscle tension and anxiety.

Our once off lessons pack a punch! They are tailored for students who need a booster in their studies, those wishing to improve on technique and take their playing to the next level. Our modern day lives often mean that our time is limited, with little time for study or play. A 90 minute music lesson allows students to take what they have learned home, to practice and continue at their own pace and schedule.

The Shine Music School prides itself in its teachers, all experienced, skilled and professional musicians. Taking the opportunity to learn specific rhythms or techniques with our specialized teachers not only helps students level up but also provides a one-on-one opportunity to ask questions and advance and expand their musical knowledge.