Shine Music School Annual Concert

17 June 2022

As the school year ends in Spain and the temperatures in Barcelona rise, everyone prepares for the summer holidays. Music exams are studied intensively and students practice for the annual music concert held at the end of the year.
It is an exciting occasion and one that the Estudio Shine family looks forward to every year. Students invite friends and family to come and enjoy all the musical pieces and the day is filled with fun musical energy. Each year some of our teachers are featured as well, in an early finale!

The concerts are usually in two parts, with a beginners show and an advanced concert, however you can attend both! It is an opportunity for students to showcase their achievements for the year and also an opportunity to perform in front of a crowd, which is an important learning curve for students and an added skill!

This year our Beginners Concert will be held on the 19 of June and our Advanced Concert is programmed for the 16 of July. Both concerts will take place live at La Violeta in Gracia at 17h. We hope to see you there, to end some music together to open the summer season.

Our concerts are advertised on Facebook and our Instagram pages, and we make announcements to students via email and at school before due dates.

    • * Note that Shine Music School is not closed for summer vacation, in fact our teachers offer intensive courses during the holiday season, and anyone is welcome to come and practice!