Group Classes for Kids

Posted on September 10th, 2022 by shineuser

Kids music awareness classes

It’s September and that means that it’s back to school for many of us! At Shine Music School we have a new schedule up for group music classes in Barcelona for children. We have Kids Music Awareness classes starting, so if you are looking to introduce your preschool children to music, you can sign up now. Classes focus on fun, creating awareness of different music, sounds, rhythms and instruments through games with a professional teacher.

kids music classes

Contact our music school in Barcelona to find out more! Music has long been lauded as an important aspect to growing as humans. The sense of hearing is developed through exposure to sounds, and we can start young to utilize music as a tool for development. Our group music classes are for kids ages 3 to 5 years. Read more about our Music Awareness classes. 

At Shine Music School in Barcelona we also have group classes for beginners in Guitar and Ukulele as well as Singing Classes. If the schedule doesn’t suit you, you can form your own groups with family and friends, to benefit from our reduced rates for groups. Find out more about the prices for our group music classes.

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