Shine School of Music Combos

Posted on June 30th, 2015 by shineuser

For a number of months, the Shine school of Music in Barcelona at Estudio Shine has been offering students the opportunity to play as part of a group. These musical combos have been headed up by our teacher Gian Carlo Scevola, an accomplished musician with many years of experience playing in bands and combos. Gian Carlos’ band The Kennficks performs regularly in Barcelona, and Gian Carlo has been instrumental in offering his guidance and support to students who wish to create their own bands.

Performing together, especially with a variety of instruments, imparts a valuable learning experience to the student. Not only are the group combos fun, but the music created has added dimension, allowing students to work together on different instruments and learn from each other.

Gian Carlo has worked with our other teachers to provide a dynamic platform in which our students can benefit greatly from a shared experience of music.

Most recently the school showcased a number of performances by the various combos at Estudio Shine at the annual school concert. Students sang and played a variety of musical pieces with very successful results. Guitar, piano, saxophone, and clarinet captivated the audience and we hope to continue creating more groups with interested students.

Please contact the school or Gian Carlo, if you are interested in performing in part of one of Estudio Shine’s combo groups.

Check back to our Youtube later, as we keep posting videos from the concert.

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Online Classes

Posted on December 15th, 2012 by shineuser


The Shine School of Music online lessons continue to be successful. Both students and teachers have been working well together. This year we showcased one of our online guiatr students at the annual school concert in Barcelona via Skype on the large screens at the venue. It was fantastic to see his big smile when he saw the entire crowd applauding his performance.


We now have students all over, from Boston in the USA to Moscow in Russia, and offer online classes in guitar and saxophone. We are hoping to add piano classes too. It’s a fantastic way for many of our international students to continue lessons with their teachers. Often students who come for intensive courses are able to further their education this way, when they return home.

The online medium also enables students to study from the comfort of their own homes. If you are interested in our online classes, click here to learn more.


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