3 reasons to choose a guitalele or ukulele as your travel instrument of choice

Posted on February 24th, 2017 by shineuser


Imagine you are on holidays in Barcelona. Imagine a beautiful forest, the flowery smell, the warm sun on your face and the sweet sound of the birds among the trees. The soft green grass under your toes as you walk barefoot towards the mountains. Suddenly you realize something is missing. What could possibly make this moment even more magical? Yes! Music! What if you had an ukelele or guitalele right next to you?

Most guitar players that come to Barcelona are worried about their precious guitar getting damaged on the plane. Imagine turbulence as you descend over the Pyrenees bumps and scratches your favorite guitar! And you didn’t insure it! A nightmare for musicians! This is why finding other options than traveling with your guitar can be a smart idea.

Here are some benefits of choosing an ukelele or guitalele as your travel instrument of choice:

1# Size and weight: The ukulele and guitalele are small enough for taking inside the airplane and are easy to transport, making them the perfect instruments for travel. Extremely lightweight and easy to transport, they fit perfectly in the overhead luggage compartment in an airplane. Small and easy to carry, but offering a similar sound to the original guitar.

2# To socialize: Because of their small size and weight, both instruments become a great way to make friends and meet people. The great thing about them is you can take them everywhere! You can easily play the ukulele or guitalele on barceloneta beach, perform on Barcelona streets or jam in the most popular pubs and bars around town. The joyful sound of both instruments easily attracts peoples attention and you will often find yourself surrounded by smiley faces. People love singing along to todays favourites played on a cheerful little instrument.

3# Price: You can get any of this two instruments at a very reasonable price and not worry if they get damaged. While traveling its easy for our instrument to get damaged by the sun, bumps or too much use. So better not take your expensive guitar on the road! You can easily rent or buy an ukelele or guitalele and not worry so much if something happens to your little buddy.

So why not give it a try! You can rent one for a month or two and see how it goes or buy one at a reasonable price.

If you are coming to Barcelona and want to rent or buy an ukelele, please contact ishine music rental .com for more details.

If you are coming to Barcelona and want to rent or buy a guitalele, please contact shine music rental .com for more details.

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