Shine Music School


The outstanding team of teachers of Shine Music School is headed by Milos Sajin who completed his musical studies in Europe and South Africa. Milos is an accomplished musician who has excelled in numerous musical fields as a teacher, performer, music publisher and composer.

The Shine School of Music represents a variety of outstanding teachers, selected for their teaching abilities as well as being well-rounded musicians. Each teacher possesses a diverse repertoire of skills and talents, and provides the student with a wealth of experience and knowledge in their respective fields.

The Shine School of Music represents a variety of outstanding teachers each with a diverse repertoire of specialities. We understand that each student is an individual with distinct musical needs and preferences and the school aims to place the student with the teacher best suited for his/her specific needs and objectives. Classes are personalised within the syllabus of the chosen style to suit each individual student.

Lina Marea

Piano Classes

Isidora Tealdo

Singing Classes

Sebastian Schwartzmann

Guitar, Music Awareness, Music Therapy and Singing Classes

Emilio Vucetich

Guitar & Ukulele Classes

Alexandra Aykaeva

Violin Classes

Alexis Ortega

Accordion, Trumpet, Trombone & Guitar Classes

Alan Chehab

Laúd Árabe, Buzuki, Turkish Baglama, and Electric Bass Classes

Andrea Neuen schwander

Children's Music Classes

Oscar Durán Gutiérrez

Drum Classes

Ariel Casagrande

Latin Percussion Classes

Branislav Grbic

Violin Classes

Cesar Munera

Guitar & Banjo Classes

Carlos Palacio van isschot

Singing Classes

Daniela Serradas Llopart

Guitar Classes

Denisse Iturra

Singing Classes

Dani Puchá

Violin Classes

Dusan Jevtovic

Electric Guitar Classes

Diego Caceido

Guitar Classes

Felipe García Chacón

Piano & Composition Classes

Fernando Fontes

Cavaquinho Classes

Felipe Soto

Drum Classes

Gian Carlo Scevola

Guitar Classes

Gabriele Cortinovis

Guitar Classes

Gabriela Grabowski

Singing Classes

Ignacio Flores

Guitar, Piano & Singing Classes

Jofre Gibert

Cello & Piano Classes

Jonathan Díaz

Cello Classes

James Sedgwick

Harmonica & Singing Classes

Juan Carlos Buchan

Double Bass & Bass Guitar Classes

Johannes North

Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Guitar & Piano Classes

Katarina Ruvidic

Piano Classes & Music Therapy

Lidia Garcia

Bass Guitar Classes

Laura Babetto

Piano, Music Production & Composition Classes

Malena Cousinet

Saxophone Classes

Mariano Valle

Latin Percussion & Music Production Classes

Marcos Pérez Rivero

Drum Classes

Miloš Šajin

Guitar Classes

Mina Popovic

Music Classes for Children

Matías Muñoz Parietti

Piano Classes

Martin Acosta

Guitar, Ukulele & Music Composition Classes

Martin Zilberberg

Piano Classes

Natalia de La Fuente

Singing, Piano & Composition Classes

Pedro Pablo Polo

Singing, Guitar, Songwriting and Music Theory Classes

Pablo Cabrera

Flute Classes

Sebastian Pan

Guitar Classes

Silvia Nagy

Singing Classes

Tijana Taya

Guitar Classes

Vincenzo Pinturo

Piano, Flute & Singing Classes

Yuliya Protasova

Piano & Composition Classes

Prof. Strahinja Sajin

Guitar, Saxophone, Accordion, Drums, Clarinet & Piano Classes

Lucia Pinzani

Singing Classes

Leandro Guffanti

Saxophone & Clarinete Classes