Alan Chehab

Laúd Árabe, Buzuki, Turkish Baglama, and Electric Bass

Alan Chehab teaches laúd árabe, Buzuki, Turkish Baglama, and electric bass at the Shine School of Music in Barcelona.

Chehab studied with teachers like Ahmad Al Khatib, Adel Salameh, Efrén Lopez, Alexandros Papadimitrakis, among others. He performs in a variety of bands, in traditional styles, as well as oriental jazz fusion.

He teaches the arabic oud instrument on different levels, working on both the right and left hand techniques, risha /mizrab (pelctrum), maqamat (the way the scales are used), taqsim (improvisation), traditional songs, and the different styles of playing and ornamentations within the song. His teaching style focuses on the arabic playing style , however he combines different techniques from other music traditions, like the turkish style.

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