Bruno Buenas Lopez


Bruno Buenas Lopez teaches cavaquinho and guitar at the Shine School of Music in Barcelona. He is a specialist in the styles of Manouche and Gypsy Jazz.

Bruno Buenas Lopez was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He had his musical initiation at the early age of six. By the age of 12 he began his first guitar studies and then continued his music practice at the “Souza Lima” Conservatory for five years as a scholarship holder (1999-2004). He also had classes with the teachers “Léa Freire”, “Pollaco” and “Michel Leme”. He attended Harmony and Arrangements courses licensed by the “Berklee College of Music” (2004-2006), taught by Daniel Maudonnet and was also a student for two years (2005-2007) at the Free University of Music (ULM). , current EMESP, taking classes with Olmir Stocker (known as Alemão).

Bruno participated in the collective group “Coletivo Roda Gigante”. He has been a guitar teacher since he was 16 years old as well as working on the musical productions of soundtracks for theater, cinema and advertising. Currently he resides in Barcelona, ​​accompanies various singers and musicians in the city. He plays the cavaquinho and the bass as an autodidact. Active in the Catalan music scene since 2014, he has performed alongside musicians from different countries and regions in Barcelona.

CUARTETO URUCUM – Brazilian Jazz, Instrumental


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Jonas Santana Ritmo & Poesia Album

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La Canción de Ipanema

Musician (Electric, acoustic and bass guitar) and also an actor in the musical La Cancion de Ipanema)