Daniela Serradas Llopart

Guitar, Ukulele and Bass Classes

Daniela Serradas Llopart teaches guitar, bass, ukulele as well as combos to students of all levels and ages at the Shine Music School in Barcelona.

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“I was born in Barcelona although I have roots in Portugal. Music has been very present in my life thanks to the hours and hours of non-stop vinyl playing in my house from early in the morning, then in the car during trips, and finally as I fell asleep at night.

I started with the classical guitar, then mixed in Flamenco which I was lucky enough to learn from César Moreno, Chicuelo and David Leiva at the Taller de músics (Barcelona). I continued with electric, acoustic, bass and voice. Currently I head a band in which I am the lead singer and guitarist. I also perform as the bassist in a blues/rock project led by Larry Smith.”



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“Music is my passion because I wake up every day thinking about improving and learning, because it is the engine that drives me to continue living with excitement and enthusiasm and because I love being able to transmit this joy that lights up my life to my students.”

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Daniela Serradas

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