Fernando Fontes


Fernando Fontes teaches Cavaquinho via individual one-on-one online classes at the Shine Music School in Barcelona.

Fontes is a Cavaquinist from Brazil. Currently doing a Bachelor’s Degree in the Faculty of Music at the Federal University of Rio de Janiero. He is the founder of Cartola de Noel which was born in 2009. The mission of the band is to interpret Samba, keeping alive the original rhythms and melodies of samba, in a tribute to its history.

Among musicians and singers with whom he has had the opportunity to play, Paulão 7 Cordas, Nilze Carvalho, Henrique Cazes, Cristina Buarque, Walter Alfaiate, Elton Medeiros, Nelson Sargento, Paulo César Feital, Jorge Simas, Dorina and Beth Carvalho stand out.


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Fernando brings his years of performing experience and the rhythms of Latin America to his lessons.

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