Gian Carlo Scevola

Guitar, Music Theory & Composition

Gian Carlo Scevola teaches Classical Guitar, Contemporary Guitar encompassing Jazz & Blues Guitar, Electric Guitar (Pop&Rock/Heavy) and Acoustic Guitar (Folk), and Guitar Styles from Latin America (Tango, Bossa Nova, Bolero, Samba, etc.) as well as Music Theory and Composition at the Shine School of Music.

Born in Chile (1982) Gian Carlo graduated from the Catholic University of Valparaiso, where he studied classical guitar with Daniel Diaz and obtained the Diploma for the best graduate in his class. In 2007 he moved to Barcelona and in 2009 obtained a Master in “Musicology and Music Education” at UAB. Subsequently, in 2011 he performed his Graduate Piece by guitarist Guillem Pérez-Quer in classical guitar at the Conservatory of the Liceu in Barcelona. He has attended courses of musical interpretation with Hopkinson Smith, Marco Socías, Armando Marrosu, among others. He has also received electric guitar lessons with Orestes and Ismael Eduardo Cortez.

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Gian Carlo has performed in numerous concerts in different regions of Chile and Spain. In Barcelona, ​​he has worked as a guitarist in various popular and classical groups. He is an integral part of the duo “Duoando” and “22strings quartet”. He has participated in various competitions, in 2014 was a semifinalist in the “Llobet Contest 2014” in Barcelona. He continues to study and is pursuing his doctorate in classical guitar performance. Gian Carlo performs as a soloist as well as collaborating with Swing, Rock and Tango groups.

In 2018 Gian Carlo was awarded the special prize from the F. Mompou in the Certamen Llobet 2018.

Guitar Classes:

Classical Guitar (Master)
Contemporary Guitar – Jazz & Blues Guitar, Electric (Rock&Pop), Acoustic (Folk)
Guitar styles from Latin America (Tango, Bossa Nova etc.)
Music Theory Classes

Classical Music Theory
Contemporary Music Theory Classes
Composition Classes