Juan Carlos Buchan

Double Bass & Bass Guitar Classes

Juan Carlos Buchan teaches Double Bass & Bass Guitar classes at the Shine Music School in Barcelona where he shares his extensive musical experience.

Born in Mexico City, he studied music at the National Conservatory of Music. Juan Carlos plays both Jazz and classical music. A prolific musician, he has performed with various bands, among them: Alberto Zuckermann Trio, Franco Etti Quartet, Ensemble Aleph, El Ñuro, Alán Chehab Quartret, Gökhan Sürer Quintet, Barcelona Gypsy Klezmer Orchestra, Basarab Orchestra, Domino Swing, NIhan & The Single Camels, Barcelona Symphonic Band etc.

He has participated in various festivals both in Mexico and in Italy, Germany, France, Norway and Turkey as well as in Barcelona, ​​Spain where currently resides. Juan Carlos has recorded twenty albums under his belt. He brings his extensive musical knowledge to his lessons at Shine.

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Juan Carlos

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