Katarina Ruvidic

Piano & Music Therapy

Katarina Ruvidic teaches Piano at the School of Music of Shine in Barcelona. She specialises in teaching music to young children.

Katarina is an accomplished piano teacher with six years experience, teaching all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced students. In her classes she presents various musical styles to keep the interests of the students going. Applying these types of effective teaching techniques to instruct students on music theory, and improve listening skills. Katarina provides the foundation for learning with individualised lesson plans.

In addition, Katarina is a music therapist with one year of experience in practices, and two years of experience in the development of knowledge of music therapy, which includes active participation in workshops, and conferences. She works well with diverse patient populations such as Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism.

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She was born in Serbia 1991. There she began studying piano at the Conservatory with Professor Dragomir Bratić. Later, she studied at the University of Musical Arts in Belgrade, with Vladimir Cvijić. She also holds a degree in Music Therapy from ESMUC (Higher School of Music of Catalunya).

Katarina says, “During my musical life, I have attended many master classes with teachers such as Arbo Valdma, Jokut Mihajlović, Natalia Trul, Aleksandar Madžar. I have won more than twenty top prizes in competitions in Serbia and abroad, and I was named absolute winner in the International Piano Competition Nikolai Rubinstein, in Paris and in the Davorin Jenko International Competition in Serbia.” In addition, in 2009, Katarina won the special prize for the best performance of Haydn Sonata in the International Competition of pianists in Serbia. She has also recorded two CDs with creations of the famous compositor Serbian (still alive) Vladimir Tošić, and has offered many concerts soloists and chamber music concerts at the SANU (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art), the Kolarac concert hall, the national library of Serbia and many others.

Katarina uses her extensive experience in piano and translates it very well into successful classes. She has worked with children and adults since 2006, passing on her knowledge of the instrument and music, and taught as a piano teacher for four years at the Professional Conservatory in Belgrade.

Piano classes:

Classical Piano

Music Theory