Lucia Pinzani

Singing Classes

Lucia Pinzani is a Singing teacher and teaches music and voice classes for students at the Shine School of Music in Barcelona.

Her musical journey commenced in Italy during her childhood when she began studying cello at the J. Tomadini Conservatory in Udine. At the age of 18, she embarked on studying singing and shortly thereafter began performing in local rock bands, with the Airali Musical and Theater Company, in the Airali Choir, and with the female vocal group Le Settette.

In 2015, she graduated from the Lizard Superior Music Academy in Pop and Rock Singing with top honors. From the following year onward, she developed an interest in teaching. Her primary teaching approach is based on Cathrine Sadolin’s Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), supplemented by other methodologies including EVT (Estill Voice Training), the research of F. Fussi, A. Tomatis, S. Magnani, and the principles of music therapy.

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Since 2018 Lucia has lived in Barcelona and dedicated herself to the study of the connection between expression, creativity and well-being. She combines her work as a singing teacher with her interest in art therapy and expressive therapies, and is training as an authorized Vocal Design Technique vocal coach.

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