Vincenzo Pinturo

Piano, Flute & Singing

Vincenzo Pinturo, a remarkable pianist, flutist, composer and arranger, shares his knowledge of music with students at the Shine School of Music, where he teaches piano.

Born in Catania, Italy, Vincenzo started early in his study and practice of the piano and later the flute. He completed his classical studies at the Conservatory “Vincenzo Bellini” in his hometown, receiving his degree in 1997 and later continued with Jazz at the “ARTEMUSICA” Academy of Mº Enrico Scandurra.

Vincenzo perfected his studying with Alessandro Bruno, Nuccio Sferro and has attended workshops, interpretation seminars and music education with Franco Donatoni, Giovanni Bietti, Gabriella Cosentino. All the while he continues to work as a professional musician playing in various groups of Jazz, Big Band and chamber ensembles, among which include “Universal Studio’s Penitence Big Band” (Spain) and “The Blue Eyes Orchestra” (Germany). Vincenzo also works as a session musician on tour, on theatrical and musical productions and as the national director of a polyphonic choral. Vincenzo has performed piano recitals in Italy, Germany and Spain, playing as a guest artist at the International Competition “Maria Canals” of Barcelona and the Salonhalle at the “Kurt Müllenhaupt Museum” in Zepenick Berlin.

His multifaceted musical ability has been channeled into teaching which is delivered with passion and a creative methodology. His many years of musical experience as well as being the author of didactic pieces, studies and written arrangements translates well to suit the individual needs of each of his students.

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