Why not join a Combo Class?

18 December 2023

Shine Music School in Barcelona offers unique “Combo Classes” where students learn to play instruments as part of musical groups. Guided by experienced teachers like Gian Carlo Scevola, these combos provide a platform for like-minded students to collaborate, learn about different instruments, and enjoy band playing.

Emphasizing the importance of group dynamics in music, these classes help students gain a deeper understanding and enjoyment of music through collaborative performances. The school annually showcases these combos at the school concert, featuring various instruments and styles, highlighting the rich learning experience provided by these group sessions.

Participating in a musical combo class offers several benefits. Socially, it fosters a sense of community and teamwork, as students collaborate and interact with each other. This environment enhances communication skills and builds friendships. From a learning perspective, students experience diverse musical styles and techniques, gaining a broader musical understanding. It also provides practical experience in ensemble playing, which is vital for musical development.

Overall, these classes blend social and educational aspects, enriching students’ musical journey.