Music Composition, Arrangement & Production

Interested in learning Music Composition & Production?

At the Shine School of Music we offer music composition and music production lessons from beginner to advanced in English, Spanish and Italian. All our classes are with a qualified and experienced teacher.

By taking this course, you’ll be able to understand music theory perfectly, you’ll learn the basics of the song writing and how to confidently move on a piano, until being able to arrange, produce and mix your songs to a professional level.

All Composition and Music production lessons are taught one-on-one, to perfectly fit the need and level of every student, and are taken in front of a piano and a computer, focusing on current software technique and music theory.

All of our composition teachers are highly qualified, with classical, jazz, rock and electronic music backgrounds, and have graduated at a superior level at the Conservatory and with 15+ years active as professional composers and producers.

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Based on the knowledge and interests of each student, individual curriculums are developed and work is constructed to shape musical ideas in different genres and styles: melodic development, harmony, form, instrumentation, home recording, score editing, etc.

Starting from a theme or a song (melody and chords), the concepts and techniques are studied to develop an arrangement for any instrumental formation (rock band, big band, string quartet, symphony orchestra, etc.) depending on the genre or style. (rock, pop, indie, jazz, blues, etc.): instrumentation, form, reharmonization, composition of introductions, interludes, endings, countermelodies, etc.

There are also programs for editing scores, midi and audio (finale, musescore, cubase, reaper) to be able to record and make models of each students arrangements.

Depending on each students level, we cover the following topics.

Basic Music Theory:
– notes, scales, intervals and chords, how music works and why it sounds good/bad.

Songwriting Basics:
– chords progressions, melodies creations, drums patterns creations, song structures and analysis of music examples in the style of preference.

Soundtrack Scoring (ADVANCED):
– the basics of the music for picture, scored film scenes analysis, advance orchestral arrangement.
*Strong fundamentals of music theory and music composition required.

Production Basics:
– software tutoring (overview to advanced level), working with presets, basic arrangement and mixing.

Advanced Production and Mixing:
– sound editing, mixing basic tools (EQ, compressor, reverb, stereo panning devices), FX (modulation fx, distortion fx, MIDI fx).

Sound design:
– basics of sound design (oscillators, filters, LFOs and routing), sound synthesis (subtractive, FM and Wavetable synthesis).

The software we work with, are:

Finale (Macintosh, Microsoft) – scoring, arranging
NI Kontakt libraries (plug-in) – scoring, arranging

Logic Pro X (Macintosh) – production, mixing, sound editing, sound design
Ableton Live 10 (Macintosh, Microsoft) – production, mixing, sound editing, sound design
FL Studio (Macintosh, Microsoft) – production, mixing, sound editing, sound design

Massive (plug-in wavetable synth) – sound design
FM8 (plug-in FM synth) – sound design