Interested in learning to Sing?

The Shine School of Music in Barcelona offers Singing Classes with qualified and experienced Singing teachers. The school provides training and voice coaching for students of all ages and all levels in English, Spanish & Catalan.

Intensive Singing Courses and Extensive Singing Courses available in all Singing Styles:

– Pop & Rock Singing Lessons
– Voice training and exam or competition Coaching
– Contemporary & Modern Singing Lessons
– Folk Singing Lessons

At the Shine School of Music the syllabus is hand-crafted based on each student’s needs, depending on the student’s level, age and the chosen style. Each student is an individual with distinct musical needs and preferences and and we recognise student’s individuality in all aspects of teaching.

All Singing Classes are private (one-on-one) and personalised within the syllabus of the chosen style to suit each individual student.

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Singing is a powerful medium in which to express yourself. Our teachers will help you find your voice, through instruction in various techniques, and styles.

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Our classes take care to help train students to perform to their best ability, allowing them to enjoy music as solo performers or in group singing classes. Our teachers have over 10 years of experience in teaching students as well as a wide repertoire of musical styles and plenty of performances under their belts.

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