Shine Jam Sessions

Join our open mic nights in Barcelona!

Welcome to The Shine Jam Sessions!

Come and jam with other students of music! Prepare some pieces and have a chance to perform with your peers. The Shine Jam Sessions is an artistic community designed to foster the creation of music within the school environment and in a relaxed, and friendly atmosphere.

Our main goal is to help students from Shine School of Music in Barcelona create music together. We want to give them the chance to play music at our Open Mic Jam Sessions and perform in front of their friends, family, and classmates. This way, we hope to foster a musical community connecting people who have similar musical interests and backgrounds in Barcelona.

The Shine Jam Sessions will take place on the first Saturday of every month at 18h in the Bodegón Club in c/Guadiana 8, Barcelona.


Come and support our students, or sign up to the list to jam together!

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Students of the Shine School of Music are invited to pre-register to play and are encouraged to perform any piece or pieces they have prepared for a maximum of 6 minutes.  The space will be equipped to allow the student to present their music accompanied by other musicians, alone or with a backing track. This information should be provided by the student upon registration.  The Jam list will be closed on Wednesdays prior to the event or when the maximum capacity of participants is reached.


The goal of the Shine Jam sessions, under the helm of  Professor Pedro Polo, is that students feel free to interact musically with each other in a safe and friendly environment. We want to foster a community of budding musicians who enjoy playing together and getting together for music! In this context, not only will predefined and previously selected songs be performed, but the ability to play, improvise and experiment with complete peace of mind will also be encouraged, by having a safe and conducive environment for artistic expression.

Join our music community in Barcelona! Join our open mic & jam sessions in Barcelona!