Ariel Casagrande

Latin Percussion

Ariel Casagrande is a percussionist, drummer and music teacher. He teaches latin Percussion at the Shine School of Music in Barcelona.

Born in Argentina, Graduated from the Buenos Aires Popular Music Conservatory, Ariel specializes in Afro-Latin rhythms and instruments such as Tumbadoras, Cajón, Bongos, Timbal, Djembe or minor percussion, among many others, addressing their history and influence on music and contemporary music.

With more than 10 years of experience, he has given workshops, taught classes, and directed ensembles, utilising  rhythms, techniques, tradition, and the musical language of America in different cities and schools for children and adults of all ages. Thus, transmitting the legacy and transmission of the genres that the continent encompasses to new students.

Today he works with the fusion of traditional styles from America and the world, using improvisation, and new technologies while also incorporating styles and rhythms from Jazz or even Rock. He has been part of various groups and is currently presenting his Solo-Set Ariel Kasas format, where he makes use of rhythmic and timbre varieties through loops and rhythm machines.

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