Extensive Courses

Extensive Courses are available online or in Barcelona

Lesson times are flexible and may be scheduled in accordance with the teacher: from 10.00h to 21.00h Monday to Saturdays.

Extensive Music Courses are available in all of our instruments. Classes are available at Shine School of Music in Barcelona and online. Classes are given at one of our studios in Gracia or via Skype. Lessons also can be arranged at the students home for an extra fee.

Students typically attend lessons in the instrument of their choice once a week for 60 minutes while younger learners can choose to attend classes twice a week for 30 minutes. Duration and frequency of lessons is flexible and can be adjusted based on the student´s level, objective of study, availability and budget.

Extensive Courses

  • 4 Hours per Month RECOMMENDED 125€ monthly 119€ monthly Debit Order
  • 2 Hours per Month 75€ monthly 69€ monthly Debit Order
  • 3 Hours per Month 103€ monthly 97€ monthly Debit Order
  • 6 Hours per Month 169€ monthly 163€ monthly Debit Order
  • 8 Hours per Month 213€ monthly 207€ monthly Debit Order

Additional Combo or Theory Classes

  • 2 Hours (current students) 29€
  • 4 Hours (current students) 44€
  • 2 Hours (non students) 44€
  • 4 Hours (non students) 59€

*An enrolment fee of 35 EUR is applicable for all students except students who do a once-off 90 minute class.
*Debit Order your payments and enjoy discounts on your monthly payment, significant discounts on all combos and group classes, as well as hassle free and easy payments!
*Custom courses are available, and prices vary depending on the total number of lessons scheduled. Please consult with the school directly for more accurate course prices.
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When we play an instrument we further expand on all the benefits music provides: we improve our cognitive and language skills, we understand and work with patience and we develop our gross and fine motor skills. Through music we are continually learning and exercising our brains.

Playing an instrument helps us to be more methodical, with the ability to plan tasks and focus. It is a means of expression, by which we connect not only with our feelings but also with an empathetic exterior that helps us to take risks, overcome fears, giving us security and self-confidence. It gives us the opportunity to work as a team, whether in an orchestra or in a group, thus improving our practice, discipline and our hearing.

Learning a new skill helps us to grow our potential, so why not have fun, learn, and channel your emotions through music.

It is a beautiful road that you will never want to leave!