Natalia de La Fuente

Singing, Piano, and Composition Classes

Natalia De la Fuente is a professional singer, pianist and composer working with students at The Shine School of Music in Barcelona.

She began her  piano studies at the age of 13 at the national conservatory in Argentina, in classical music. After this she continued her music, working in a variety of genres, such as jazz and popular music. Natalia specializes in improvisation techniques and accompaniments. She teaches singing, piano and composition in Barcelona, with a focus on tailor made music classes.

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“As a singer I have developed my career in depth”, she notes,  “I have worked my voice through various styles, techniques and studies”

The Bell Canto, Rabine method, classical method, Speech Level singing, lax vox, and others are techniques that she is adept at, imparting these to her students in the development of their voices. Taking tools from all these techniques Natalia has the ability to adapt them to the personal needs of the voice(student) in front of her. Developing her own method, Natalia is well versed in musical training with a very personalized technique.

“I have had experience teaching classes for both children and adults for 10 years and I always focus on achieving the student’s personal goals. Music is a place that allows us to explore an entire universe without leaving the place and that has no limitations. Everyone can sing and everyone can play!”